Sunday, May 30, 2010

All about Photographers - Reception Photos (Part 3 of 4)

When most photographers take photo's at the reception, they usually miss the small detailed things, that every bride wish she had photographed. If you don't want to miss out on them, here's a few idea's to get you started. Tell the photographer to take full photo's of the hall, before and after guests have arrived. Take close ups of the guest book, the table centerpieces and decor, how the table's are arranged, and make sure to do this before any guests arrive.

Other great photo idea's are, a shot of the bar where drinks are being served, guests going through the receiving line, candid shots of guests mingling and signing the guestbook, and make sure you get some photo's of the bride and groom's grand entrance.

After the toasts have begun, you will want photo's of all the people making toasts, some shots of the head tables reactions, as well as shots of the parents tables. When it comes to the dancing its always nice to have candid shots of your guests dancing as well as the bride and groom's first dance, and the bride dancing with her father, and groom with his mother.

The other pivotal moments that always should be photographed of course is the cake cutting, up close photo's of the cake, the DJ, or anyone preforming at the reception, as well as the bouquet toss, and garter toss.
Do you also want to get some real unique and creative shots for your wedding? Then stay tuned for part 4 of 4.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

All about photographers - Ceremony Photos (Part 2 of 4)

A few weeks ago, I brought up the topic of having a great photographer. We focused on talking about different types of shots that you might want for pre-ceremony photo's. This time I would like to focus on the photo opportunities that you wont want to miss during the actual ceremony itself.
The first photo's that you'll want to have taken at your ceremony are; a few photo's of your usher's posed together and seating your guests, shots of guests sitting in the church, a photo of the groom walking down the aisle with his groomsmen, as well as a shot of him waiting for the bride. Be sure to also have the photographer take shots of anyone special performing a song, or musical piece at your wedding.
The photographer will take the traditional shots of the bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, and the bride being escorted down the aisle, but also you should ask the photographer to take photo's of people's reactions to the bride walking down the aisle, and their reactions to the flower girls and/or ring bearer's walking down the aisle as well.
Other shots that you wont want to miss during the ceremony are; the bride being given away, full length shots of the couple at the alter, photo's of both bridesmaids and groomsmen watching the ceremony take place, candid shots of the guests, photo's of the vows, and the placing of rings on each other's fingers, and of course you want the kiss to be photographed.
If you have any special rituals that will be taking place at the ceremony, this is also something that you will want to mention to your photographer. When it comes to signing the register some great opportunities for photographs are; the signing of the document, a close-up of the document once signed, and a close-up of the pen that was used to sign the document.
When the ceremony is coming to the end make sure you don't miss a photo of the bride and groom walking down the aisle together, shots of guests blowing bubbles or throwing confetti, a group shot of the bridal party, and action shots of the bridal party leaving the ceremony site. Hopefully this list of great photo's will help you decide on what's important to have photographed at your wedding. Next time we will talk about reception photography!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations Windthorst 2010 Grads

Did you know that Imagine Wedding and Event Planning also does floral design for special events? Do you need a corsage for something special coming up? Contact us to recieve a personalized quote!
A big congratulations goes out to all the 2010 grads of Windthorst this year especially Kim. I know your future's will be bright. Have a wonderful day Kim, may it be everything you want it to be!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

All about Photographers- Pre Ceremony Photos (Part 1 of 4)

One of the most important vendors that you'll ever hire at your wedding is your photographer. This is one of the vendors that you should never try to scrimp and save on. At the end of the day, all that your left with is those photographs. So spend the money, and choose your photographer well.

Some people never consider what type of photographs they want at their wedding, and when everything is said and done, the photographer might have missed something because you didn't state, that you wanted that specific moment captured. You only get a chance to do it once, so make sure your very clear with your photographer, who and what you want photographed. I wanted to give you some great idea's for photographs, to share with your photographer. This way you can make sure you get some wedding shots that your sure to enjoy!

Usually the first photo's to be taken are some pre-ceremony shots. These photo's center around the bride getting her hair done, perhaps getting dressed, and having her makeup applied. Some other great shots that you don't want to miss are the bride's gown, and an upclose shot of details on the gown, a close up of the bride's hairdo, the mother of the bride helping the bride with her accessories, and maybe a shot of the bride looking in the mirror after she's finished getting dressed.
Some traditional shots that you won't want to miss are, the bride with her father, the bride with her mother, the bride with each of her bridesmaids, and some with her maid of honor. If there is a flower girl going to be taking part in the wedding, you will want to get some shots of her getting ready, and a few photo's of the bride with the flower girl(s).
When you have photo's taken, also be sure to have some candid photo's done. Not all of your wedding photographs have to be posed, as it is nice to have action shots as well. Some candid photo opportunities that your photographer won't want to miss are; the bride opening the groom's gift, the attendants talking and giggling while getting ready, the bride helping her mother with her corsage, the bride adjusting her garter, photos of the attendants heading over to the ceremony location, shots of the bride and her attendants getting into the limo, and the maid of honor carrying the brides train while approaching the ceremony venue.
These are only some of the great photo opportunities availible for your photographer, so always be sure to ask if you have specific events that you want captured. Later on this month, I will offer idea's for other great photo op's during your special day. Stay tuned!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Craven Trade Show - Great Success!

Imagine Wedding and Event Planning would like to thank everyone who came out to the Craven Rink Trade Show. The trade show takes place annually in order to raise funds for the repair of the rink. This show had almost fifty vendors, showcasing everything from homemade baking, to jewelry, and personalized children's cd's. Although the weather was not co-operating, this small town had a great turnout of those supporting the fundraiser.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What happens at the ceremony? A typical church wedding...

Many of you may be wondering what will happen during the ceremony of your marriage. The following is an outline of what happens at a traditional church wedding. Some of these traditions will vary from church to church, but this basic outline will guide you through the details of the ceremony.

Usually half and hour before the scheduled time to start guests will start arriving and taking their seats. Usually the bride and groom will select ushers, often close male friends, to help guide their guests to their seats. At more traditional weddings, the couple may choose to have the brides guests all seated on the the left hand side, and the groom's on the right or vice versa.

During this time an organist or pianist will usually play soft prelude music before the arrival of the officiant and bridal party.

About 5 minutes before the wedding the officiant or often ushers, may light candles before the ceremony starts. After this the processional usually follows. Often the Ushers will escort important guests to the front few pews, such as the mother of the bride, or a grandparent. Once both bride's mother and groom's parents and grandparents are seated, the rest of the processional will begin.

The groom, officiant, and groomsmen will enter first and take their place at the front of the church, followed by optional flower girl(s), and the ring bearer(s). Next the bridesmaids will walk down the aisle one by one, followed by the bride usually accompanied by her father. If the father is unable to walk his daughter down the aisle, the bride may be walked down by her mother, or another important male role model in her life, such as her brother, or perhaps a close uncle etc.

Once the bride has reached the alter, the call to worship usually takes place. The call to worship is a welcoming, and tells the congregation that the wedding is taking place in the house of God. Following the call to worship the officiant will have a opening prayer, and then the giving away of the bride. The officiant will ask who is giving away this bride, and the parents usually answer "We Do."

After the giving away of the bride, usually a worship hymn or song will take place. Depending on the religion or church they may only allow you to have church hymns as part of your ceremony, while other churches will allow secular music.
Once the music is finished it is followed by "the charge" and "the pledge". This is where the officiant describes to the couple what their responsibilities will be in the marriage, and the purpose of the vows. The couple at this time will declare that they are marrying by their own free will, and that they understand the commitment they are about to make.

Next the vows will take place. This is the time when couple publicly declare their love and promises to each other. Many couples choose to write their own vows, or they can use the traditional vows set out by the church. After the vows are finished there is the exchanging of the rings.

Following that, communion will take place. This is where the couple and congregation will receive the bread and the wine. Communion is optional is many religions, and can vary quite a bit on it's practice. After communion is finished the officiant will give a closing prayer, which consists of well wishes for the newlyweds.

The officiant will then ask the couple to seal their marriage with a kiss, and present them to the congregation as Mr. and Mrs. __________. At this time the ceremony has ended, and the recessional begins. The bride and groom will be the first to leave, followed by the bridesmaids with groomsmen, an then the flower girls, and ring bearers. The ushers will then lead the congregation out row by row.