Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chris & Chantal Aug 14/10

This previous weekend I was able to be a special part of Chantal and Chris's day. They had a beautiful and qaint wedding service at Christ Lutheran Church, followed by dinner and reception at the Best Western Seven Oaks.

There were seventy five guests in attendance who all got to enjoy a fabulous buffet dinner, followed by some great music by Garry Robertson DJ's. Chantal and Chris chose burgandy and cramy white as there color palette, and it looked fabulous with the great decor they chose. Some of thier decor featured mirror and votive centerpeices, twinkly lights swagged with vines, and floral trees across the head table.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Be kind to your feet....Wedding Shoes!

Now that you have your dress all picked out, it's time to get the right shoes for your wedding. Like photography, this is one place you don't want to skimp and save the money on. Be kind to your feet, otherwise you'll be uncomfortable or barefoot all day.

Strappy sandals, beaded wedges, a decorative flip flop, or even a cowboy boot. Whatever you choose make sure it fits the theme or your wedding and looks great with your dress.
Another popular choice for wedding shoes ids to buy white satin shoes, and dye them to match a specific color. Be sure to take a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses of the color you are trying to co-ordinate with. Keep in mind that not all shoes have the same tone of white. So if you are trying to match the exact white of your dress, that swatch may come in handy.

Your wedding shoes are a must have when it comes to altering your wedding dress. If you don't have the right shoes when your dress is altered, the hem may be too long or too short the day of the wedding. So always take the shoes you plan to wear, to avoid costly mistakes!

If you have details on your dress make sure the details coordinate with your shoes. If you have rhinestone or crystals on your dress, I would choose shoes that are jeweled and/or shiny, If you have pearl details on your dress, buy a pearl detailed shoe.

The hidden extras.......
Need that comfortable shoe that isn't a heel for the reception? Go with bright white runners that can be hidden under your dress, or a pretty jeweled flip flop. Easy to dance in, and still looks nice. Another helpful hint for shoe's that begin to rub you the wrong way, is moleskin. You can buy it in packs at your local drugstore, and cut it down to fit the area on your shoe that is rubbing your skin (such as the heel etc.)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Most Incredible Bridal Show

With a busy season of weddings, its time to get back into fall with a big boom! Join Imagine Wedding and Event Planning at The Most Incredible Bridal Show! We will have a booth so you can come and look at some of our beautiful floral designs, and chat with us about all your wedding planning needs.

The Most Incredible Bridal Show features an amazing fashion show, that has the latest apparel. There will be close to 100 of Regina's top wedding suppliers there for you browse through, and they will also have some great show specials. Brides also receive a chance to win over $20,000 in prize packages! And you surely don't want to miss out on that! A portion of the proceeds of the Most Incredible Bridal Show will go to support "Visitation House - Women helping women".
The Most Incredible Bridal Show will be held at the Conexus Arts Centre on Sun, Oct 24, 2010. You can purchase tickets ahead of time for $10.00, or pay $15.00 at the door. To purchase tickets in advance please visit

The day-of events:
Bridal Trade Show (Exhibits)- 12:00 - 4:00
Bride Lounge (Food & Drink)-1:00 - 4:00
Video picture display - 3:15 - 3:50
Fashion Show - 4:00 - 5:00

The first 300 brides to visit our booth will receive a free mini-emergency bridal kit. Make sure you take it with you in your purse, on your special day! You never know when a emergency will arise!
Make sure while attending the show, you get to check out, some of Imagines favorite booths such as Melissa Chapman Photography and Design, New Line Fashions, Thumpers Entertainment, and Thee Lingerie Shoppe!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lauren and Daniel Aug 7 2010

This weekend Imagine Wedding and Event Planning spent some time with Lauren and Daniel, decorating for their wedding.

Daniel and Lauren chose to have a beautiful outdoor wedding, and have their reception at the Conexus Arts Centre, in the theatre lobby. This room has grand picture windows that overlook Wascana Park, and the beautiful array of flowers that Conexus has right outside the front doors.

With a nice size wedding of two-hundred people, we set up ivory chair covers and tablecloths, with gold organza table overlays, and sashes. The lovely couple had beautiful centerpieces of dried flowers, on a circular mirror with candles, as well as a lovely cake.
Not only did they choose fabulous décor from Regina’s A Touch of Elegance wedding rentals, but they also decided to have a great candy buffet! Some of that buffet featured Twizzlers, Mint Chocolates, and the famous Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Thanks to my décor assistants Rhondda and Brittany, we had a great day being able to help Daniel and Lauren fulfill their wedding décor needs.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bridal Gown! After the Wedding - What now?

You've just had a beautiful wedding! And now you must be thinking, what do I do with my wedding dress? There are many different things that you can do with your wedding dress, from keeping it and preserving it correctly, or there are other options if you don't want to hang onto it. Imagine Wedding and Event Planning has created this blog post for you, to help to decide on what to do with your lovely gown.

One of the most popular choices is to have your wedding dress preserved. Wedding dresses are preserved a little differently depending on where you go to have it done. Usually your dress will be encased in a presentation box, that has low acid in it. It will be dust-proof, and lined with unbleached cotton. Some people alternatively will take the dress after it has been cleaned, and stuff the bodice and sleeves with acid-free paper. They then wrap the dress in a white sheet and hang it in a dry, cool place. Always store your gown away from sunlight ideally 57F (14C), and a humidity of 50-60%.

A very new and popular thing that people do with their wedding dress, is “trash” it. Photographers can be hired to take photos of you trashing your dress. The choices of how to trash your dress are limitless.
Some ideas:
Local Swimming pool, or at the Lake
Save it for a rainy day
Working in the Garden
Many photographers offer trashing your dress photography with their wedding packages. Ask your wedding photographer if he offers this feature.

Some brides also choose to sell the wedding gown. There are many different ways to go about selling your wedding gown. The most popular ways of course are either in your local newspaper, or on the Internet. When you sell your dress, be straightforward. Give the size, style, color, and condition.
If you are not interested in selling the dress, you could always donate it. Not everyone can afford a beautiful wedding dress on their special day. Why not donate your dress so that someone else can enjoy it as much as you did?

If none of these options appeal to you, here are a few more ways to use your wedding dress in a way that it won't be taking up closet space.
-Cut it down and make it into a cocktail dress.
-Use the material to make a christening gown for your first child.
- Use it to cover your wedding albums, picture frames, or have it line the inside of your baby’s bassinet.