Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

Why do you need a wedding planner? This is the age old question! There are many people who say they don't need a wedding planner. A wedding planner is a waste of money! And most of the time, those who say they didn't need one, often admit that having a planner could have saved them time, money, and the stress. So why do YOU need a wedding planner?

The biggest reason of course to get a wedding planner is if your don't have the time. You are always busy with work, with children, and your too tired at the end of the day to go through all the numerous details and decisions of planning a wedding. In this situation, you must get a wedding planner.

Another reason to get a planner is if you are unorganized! Planning all the details of a wedding takes extreme organization and planning. You must keep track of dates, contracts, payments, and make snap-decisions.

Thirdly, there are some couples that are not good with spending money. Weddings can become very expensive, and many couples go and spend money without keeping track. They spend more than they want because they didn't take the time to budget the wedding. Viola! A wedding planner! Problem solved!

One of the biggest reasons people don't hire a wedding planner when they need one, is because they are worried about expense. Did you know that when you hire a wedding planner, they are actually saving you money? The reason for this, is because we research all your possible options, and we get you the best result for the best price. Most of the time, the cost of the wedding planner is practically FREE when you factor in how much money a planner will save you by "shopping around" and bargaining with vendors.
Wedding Planners save you the stress. When you hire a wedding planner, the weight is taken off your shoulders. You no longer have to deal with all the fussy details. A planner will take on all those responsibilities. Picture the day of your wedding, and something horrible was to happen! Something unexpected! You as the happy couple, will have to deal with the stress of that situation on your special day. You already have enough to think about, why would you want to leave it to chance?
After all your spending a great deal of money on your wedding, you don't need anything to go wrong.
Most people have never planned a wedding before. So you might overlook a small but significant detail that might have never occurred to you before. A Wedding Planner doesn't overlook any detail, because that is there job. That's what were paid for. Wedding planners are experienced, they've dealt with almost every tragedy that can happen at a wedding. However when you hire a wedding planner from the beginning the chance for something to go wrong is very minimal.
At Imagine Wedding and Event Planning we want to see you happy and care-free on what may be the most important day of your life! Imagine Wedding and Event Planning is fun and enthusiastic, and I want you to be completely comfortable during the whole process. This will allow you to have a stress free event. I will also not just plan your event and then leave you hanging the day-of. I also attend your event to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to take care of unexpected details! If you already have some great idea's feel free to bring them up, or show me pictures. After all, I am committed to pleasing you, and plan to make sure that your vision is a success. Imagine Wedding and Event Planning will not overbook, as I want to have plenty of time to dedicate to you.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Flowers - The Hell with flowers! (Part 4 of 4)

So let's say, that you dont want to carry flowers down the aisle. That's perfectly okay. A lot of people don't like flowers, and they don't want the fuss of selecting and making all these decisions about what type of floral arrangement there going to have. So they decide to not have a floral arrangement at all.
There are other alternatives to carrying a bridal bouquet. Depending on the season, you could choose to carry something relative to that season. For example if your wedding is in the fall, you could opt for fall leaves, sheaths of wheat, or pussy willows. If your having a winter wedding, you might like the idea of carrying winter berries instead of flowers.
Some of the more common alternatives are parasole's, fan's, candles, lanterns and even sparklers. If you want to do something really different, and make it very personal, you could have your bridesmaids walk down the aisle with framed photographs. These photographs could be anything that are of importance to the couple. Or another idea, is to carry family hierlooms down the aisle.
If your going to have a traditional religious wedding, the bride may choose to carry the bible down the isle, and her bridemaids might carry holy rosary's.
As you can see there are many alternatives to carrying a traditional floral bouquet. If you are not a traditional bride, and you want to do something different, or very personalized, this could be a great way to do it!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Trade Show News

1st Annual Trade Show

Are you looking to get a head start on your Easter shopping? Do you need something extra special for a Mother’s Day gift? Or are you looking for an afternoon out?
We would like to invite you to St. Joan of Arc CSCC’s 1st Annual Home-based Business Trade Show!

March 28th, 2010
12pm – 4pm
In the St. Joan of Arc Gymnasium
10 Dempsey Ave.

Some of our guest’s include: Avon, Epicure, Organo Gold Coffee, Gold Canyon, Uppercase Living, Scentsy Candles and Juice Plus, just to name a few!

We will be having a BAKE SALE as well as selling RAFFLE tickets on items donated from our vendors. Proceeds are in support of a NEW PLAY STRUCTURE for the St. Joan of Arc playground.

So please come and have some fun while supporting out St. Joan of Arc School.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding Flowers- What kind of flowers should I choose? (Part 3 of 4)

If you have read some of my earlier posts, you have had an introduction to silk and real flowers, as well as the different styles of floral arrangements and bouquets available. This time I would like to focus on what type of flowers you should choose.
When it comes to choosing wedding flowers, many couples have no problem. They choose based on the color of the flower, or they already might have a favorite flower in mind. For those of you who have no idea what type of flower you want, I have compiled a list, which might be able to help you decide. Enjoy!

Birth Month Flowers
January – Carnation
February – Violet/ Iris
March – Daffodil
April – Daisy
May – Lily of the Valley
June – Rose
July – Larkspur
August – Gladiolas
September – Aster
October – Calendula
November – Chrysanthemum
December – Narcissus/ Holly

Floral Meanings
Amaryllis – dramatic
Aster – contentment
Begonia – deep thoughts
Daffodil – chivalry
Freesia – spirited
Gardenia – joy
Gladiolus – strength of character
Heather – solitude
Hydrangea – perseverance
Jasmine – grace
Orchid – beauty
Peony – to heal
Sunflower – adored
Tulip – forgiveness
Violet – faithfulness
Yarrow – good health

Seasonal Flowers
Spring – Anemone, Assorted Lilies, Carnation, Daisy, Godetia, Ranunculus, Snapdragons, Tulips, Veronica, Tuberose.
Summer – Azalea, Begonia, English Lavender, Gladiola, Protea, Sunflower, Yarrow.
Fall – Asters, Bells of Ireland, Eucalyptus, Hydrangea, Iris, Jasmine, Love in the Mist, Peony, Orchid.
Winter – Amaryllis, Birds of Paradise, Daffodil, Freesia, Heather, Poinsettia, Sweet pea, Rose, Stephanotis, Wax Flower.

If you have any questions about silk flowers, or the costs of flowers for your wedding, I’d be happy to help you out. You can view some of Imagine Wedding and Event Planning’s bridal bouquet’s at an upcoming trade show! In fact next weekend, you can visit Imagine Wedding and Event Planning at a trade show. It takes place at St. Joan of Arc School, in Regina, from 12- 4 pm on Sunday Mar 28th 2010! If you can’t make it, I’m always available for appointments as well.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Flowers - Styles of Bouquets (Part 2 of 4)

Earlier this week I had talked about some of the big differences between silk flowers, and real flowers, in regards to wedding floral arrangements. And now I would like to take the time to talk about the styles of bouquets, and different options that there are to choose from.

Nosegay – this type of arrangement is round, and can be filled with many types of flowers. The nosegay can either be very large for a bridal bouquet, to smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids and/or flower girls.

Cascade - this arrangement is very large, and tear shaped. There are many flowers in the middle, and then coming down and forming a tear, the flowers hang and droop. The cascade can be as long as you want it, with flowers hanging as low as the floor.

Spray – the spray consists of very few flowers, which form a triangular shape.

Crescent – this is an arm arrangement, and has a slight curve to it. This design is meant to sit into the crook of the arm.

Loosely-tied – this arrangement resembles a nosegay. In consists of many flowers tied together informally, with ribbon. It has the “freshly picked” look.

Beidermeier – this type of arrangement is actually the same as a nosegay. It differs slightly on how it is put together. It is a circle of flowers, which are done continuously to create a stripe look.
Pomander – this is a ball shaped arrangement tied with a wrist ribbon. This is the type of arrangement most often carried by flower girls.

Composite – this is an extremely creative arrangement that is handmade. Many petals or buds get wired together onto one single stem, and this creates a single “massive” flower.

These are the most common types of arrangements that most florist shops will make. If you are a DIY bride you can probably create almost any type of arrangement you want. Some brides opt for not using flowers at all, for example recently at a wedding I saw the bride and bridesmaids carrying sheaths of wheat. It was a fall wedding, and they had a harvest theme. It fit the atmosphere and the theme extremely well.
Some designs are more formal than others of course. If you are having a traditional church wedding you may be interested in the nosegay, or cascade. Whereas a garden wedding or beach theme would call for something a little less formal, such as a loosely tied bouquet. If you have any questions about flowers please feel free to call Imagine Wedding and Event Planning, as we also offer Custom Silk Floral Design.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wedding Flowers - REAL VS. SILK (Part 1 of 4)

Imagine Wedding and Event Planning also offers custom silk floral design. A lot of people have no idea what they are looking for when it comes to wedding flowers, and I wanted to take a little bit of time and explain some of the differences and options between the different types of flowers, and designs that are available when it comes to your wedding. Of course one of the biggest debates is whether to choose real flowers, or silk. I have to admit I am definitely partial to silk flowers, but I wanted to show the pros and cons between the two.

Real flowers, of course the pros are oblivious. They smell great. When put together properly, they look wonderful. They can really add to theme or ambiance that you’re going for at your wedding. And often people worry about preserving their real floral bouquets, but now you can have them freeze dried. This is a way of preserving the floral arrangement without it drying out or falling apart and it’s a great keepsake.
There are some cons of real flowers however as well. If a floral bouquet is not fastened together properly they can easily fall apart or come loose, because real flowers tend to weigh more. You also have to choose your flowers based on the season, because some flowers have short growing periods. For example, you can’t have tulips at just any time of year. Another thing you need to consider when choosing real flowers is if they can stand up well in a bouquet, as well as the pollen. You don’t want to have a flower’s pollen rubbing off on your dress.
Some of the great things about silk flowers are that they can look just as real and natural as real flowers when arranged correctly. Silk flowers are also usually much cheaper then having real flowers. Also they will not wilt, and will always look fresh. You can have any flower you want at any time of year, and you can get flowers in any color. If you wanted to have a bouquet filled with black flowers, it can be done! And there is also no extra cost when it comes to preserving the bouquet.
The biggest down side of silk flowers, is that they’re fake. They don’t have any great smell, and they might not suit the style of your wedding. For example a garden wedding that is outdoors, calls for real flowers.
When Imagine Wedding and Event Planning’s designs floral bouquet’s we would get together to discuss exactly what you want, and what style of bouquet you would like. Then we go together and choose the silk flowers that you want in your arrangement. You are responsible for the cost of the materials and flowers required. And Imagine Wedding and Event Planning charges by hour for time used to make the arrangements.
So before you choose what flowers you want, make sure you consider your style of wedding, and the theme. Also another big thing to consider is the color’s you have chosen for your wedding, and whether or not you can get that specific color of flower you’ll need.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bridal Shows - Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Imagine Wedding and Event Planning’s very first blog! As a wedding planning company I have been an exhibitor in a few bridal shows this year. But in one particular bridal show I noticed and thought of a few things that would be very handy to those planning on attending a local bridal show.
My first piece of advice would be to arrive at least ½ hr AFTER the door has opened. I suggest this because many brides come and line up before the doors open waiting to get in. After when the doors finally open, the booths are packed with eager brides, and their bridal party. When you arrive at the same time as everyone else, its crowded, people are pushy, and I find that many brides feel rushed and move on more quickly then they’d like to because there are people waiting behind them. If you show up after the initial rush of people you will be more relaxed, have more time to look at the booths, and chat with the vendors who offer services you might be interested in.
Another great thing I noticed was that some brides planned ahead, and brought pre-made sticky labels with their addresses on them. These are the types of labels you can make on your computer. The have all the vital information on them that you need to enter for draws. At many, if not all booths at a bridal show, they will offer draws for prizes. Instead of having to fill out the same information for every draw you want to enter, these brides would simply stick their label on the entry form and drop it in the ballot box. This is a great idea. It saves so much time and the labor of having to write down your address again and again for every draw you wish to enter. So next time you go to a bridal show, make sure you go with labels!
Being a bridal vendor I also know that many people book their wedding vendors months in advance. Whenever you go to a bridal show, I always recommend that you take your checkbook so you can reserve your vendors and pay deposits on the spot. Wedding planners, disc jockeys, and venue’s book a year in advance or sometimes longer. If you need these vendors, you may want to hire them right away after you meet them at the bridal show. Always go prepared, just in case.
A few other good tips that people always forget when going to a bridal show, is to wear comfortable shoes, take a pen, and remember to take lots of breaks. Bridal shows are fun, but can also be physically and mentally exhausting.
Recently Imagine Wedding and Event Planning attended Bridal Aisle Open House, and it had a great turnout! Bridal Aisle showcased many wonderful vendors, far too many to name. Some of my favorite’s were PURSEnal Trends by Suzane Pelzer, Oni with A Touch of Elegance, and Terry Keenan with Thumpers Entertainment. Come back to keep updated on when you can see Imagine Wedding and Event Planning in another upcoming bridal show!