Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowers for Ashleigh and Brendan

Recently I have had the pleasure of making floral arrangements for Ashleigh and Brendan. This fun couple will get getting married outside in small-town Saskatchewan at the beginning of August.
For their floral arrangements Ashleigh chose to have a cascading bridal bouquet for herself, and round matching bouquets for her 5 bridesmaids. Her floral choice was based on the colors for her wedding which happened to be a bright red, and a sunny yellow.
The flowers Ashleigh chose to go with were open and closed red and yellow roses, as well red Gerbera daises, and yellow Gerbera daises. The result of these floral choices combined made stunning floral arrangements for the entire bridal party! Wishing you a wonderful wedding in August!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Congratulations Nicole and Bryce

This is a big congratulations to Nicole and Bryce, who are getting married this weekend June 26th, 2010. Nicole was the winner of a gift certificate from a bridal show that took place in January. Nicole and Bryce put there gift certificate towards having corsages and boutonniere's made for their parents and grandparents for their special day.
Their colors for their wedding are a deep purple and white. With these two great color choices we were able to make some lovely floral choices. Have a wonderful wedding this weekend, and thank you for choosing Imagine Wedding and Event Planning. I am honored to be able to make these floral designs for you.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fort Qu'Appelle Wedding - Shayna and Jordan

This weekend on June 19th, I had the pleasure of singing at a beautiful wedding in Fort Qu'Appelle on the Kuhn acreage. Shayna and Jordan had a beautiful ceremony outside in the late afternoon, and many attended to celebrate this joyous occasion. It was a pleasure being asked to sing three different selections for their ceremony, which consisted of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Celine Dion, A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson, and From this Moment On by Shania Twain.

I would like to thank Shayna and Jordan for allowing Imagine Wedding and Event Planning to be a special part of their day, as well as my pianist Rhondda Halkyard and my sound technician Garth. Another thank you goes out to B-Sharp Music for the rental of their fabulous sound equipment.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Imagine now offering Photography Services

Photography Packages Outline
Imagine Wedding and Event Planning is now pleased to be offering photography services. Simple, yet professional photography, that’s completely affordable, catering to budgets of all sizes. At this time Imagine will take a limited number of bookings, as we do not overbook in order to dedicate the proper amount of time that each of our client’s deserve.

Photography Tier 1
-approx. 4 hrs of photography services including the ceremony, and formal shots (bride/groom, bridal party, and family.)
-approx. 250 photos on a CD/DVD to take home with you, and have printed at a professional photo lab of your choice.

Photography Tier 2
-approx. 2 hrs of photography services including the ceremony, and formal shots (bride/groom, bridal party, and family.)
-approx. 100 photos on a CD/DVD to take home with you, and have printed at a professional photo lab of your choice.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There are no golden rules when it comes to who, and what toasts should be given at a wedding. Some couples choose to have numerous toasts, done by many family members. Other couples choose to only have, a few but very memorable toasts.

Who should give toasts? At one time it was very common that the best man would give the toast to the couple. And while that is still the tradition, it is also now more popular for others to toast the couple as well, such as the parents, a sibling, a close relative or family friends. Whoever is going to give toasts, make sure you decide who, and in what order ahead of time.

When it comes to the content of a toast, it should always be positive. And keep the dirty jokes, and potty mouth for the stagette, or stag parties. All toasts should be welcoming and filled with warm wishes for the couple. When toasting to either the bride or groom, sometimes funny stories are mentioned. Just be sure that these stories are not hurtful, or to embarrassing. After all, you don't want the bride feeling ashamed or awkward on her special day. Don't make the toast too long. Anything over 2 or 3 minutes will result in a lack of attentiveness. There are other people who have nice things to say as well.

There are only two really good times to have toasts at your wedding. Right before dinner, or right after dinner. Once the dance begins, people will be drinking and wandering around, so it will be hard to get there attention. Toasts are usually given at a microphone near the head table. However if you are having a small event, it could be given from wherever the toaster happens to be standing.

And last but not least......leave the alcohol, until after the toast is complete.

- Imagine.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Favors, Favors, Favors......

What is the perfect wedding favor? What would your guests want to take home with them to remember your special day? For each wedding it's different! Depending on your theme, you may choose to do a variety of things.

If you are having a more formal wedding, a popular choice is usually a champagne flute, or a shot glass with the couple's name and wedding date etched in the side. You may also choose to have something monogrammed, such as a personal key chain or pen set for everyone who attends.

One of the most common and cost-saving routes is to go the edible way. The sky is the limit when it comes to candies, mints, and chocolate favors. To personalize these edible favors consider attaching personalized ribbon to the them, or some stores can customize the wrappers to a certain color, with your image, and with personalized text. Sugar-cookies are also very popular! Have your baker make each one of your guests a personalized wedding cookie to take home with them, or to enjoy as the evening unfolds.

If you do decide to go with edible favors, make sure you always try a sample before ordering the whole lot. Make sure allow yourself extra time for delivery, and enough time if you are going to package them yourself. However make sure you don't order to much in advance, as you don't want your special treats to go stale either. And always remember to order extra! You don't want any of your guests to end up cookie-less.

If you do want to go the edible route, but want to do something a tad different, try ordering unique edible favors. You can order personalized size jars of honey, jams, syrups, ciders, or hot sauce. Most companies will also personalize the label for you as well.
If you are having a "green" wedding, and want to be extra enviromentally friendly, you could give small potted plants to each one of your guests. Or if your having a spring wedding, each guest could receive a package of seeds for your favorite types of flowers. Many couples also choose to make a donation in lieu of of having wedding favors. Most charities will give you cards to place on the table, to say that "in lieu of wedding favors, Mr. and Mrs. so n' so, have made a donation to such n' such." This is always a thoughtful alternative to the traditional candy favors.

If you are looking for great places to donate, Imagine Wedding and Event Planning recommends:

Canadian Cancer Society -
and for the animal lovers,
Regina Humane Society -


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All about Photographers - Unique Photos (Part 4 of 4)

Before we finish up talking about all of the types of photo's that you will want taken at your wedding, I would like to discuss a few unique photo's that you might have never thought of. Sometimes in the midst of all the excitement taking place during your special day, many of the small details are missed out on.

For example, when I got married we left early to get to the hair salon because there was plenty of construction around the area. We got to the hair salon so early, that it wasn't even open yet. So my bridesmaids and myself were getting hungry, and the only place open was this little confectionery on the corner. The only thing they had in there for breakfast were pop-tarts. One of the greatest photo's from my wedding day, were my bridesmaids sitting on the cement sidewalk chowing down on cold pop-tarts.

These are some of the moments that you don't want to have missed. So some idea's for unique and great photo's are; early morning shots of the bridesmaids having their hair done, the bridal makeup (close-ups of the brides face), detailed shots of the brides jewelry and accessories, any lacing or ties and unique beading on the bride's dress. You also don't want to miss the detail shots of the groom, such as the grooms shoes, and his accessories (cuff links, pocket squares.)And last, but not least, the cake topper and details on the cake.

Hopefully these last few posts will give you some good idea's and assist you when deciding what you want photographed. Never skimp on that photographer, because when everything is said and done, all you'll have left of that day, is your memories and those photo's.