Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decorations 101: Fun Reception Idea's

Are you looking for a few great idea's to help decorate, and complete your wedding theme? Here are a few of my favorites to really spice things up for you.

Table names
A lot of people like to create a seating arrangement for their wedding. Seating those at tables with individuals that they will know, or they think these people have in common. Most banquet centres will provide you with numbers on each table. I personally think it's much more classy to name your tables instead. For example if you are having a spring wedding, that's full of flowers, your table names could each be a favorite flower. Or if you were having a football themed wedding, you could use the names of your favorite football players from the Saskatchewan rough riders! Or perhaps if you and your fiance are avid travellers, the table names could be cities or places that you have been together.

When it comes to choosing your tableware most reception and banquet halls offer a basic white china plate. However if you really want to personalize, see if you can get your tableware such as plates and cups to have a splash of color. Any type of color on the plates will really bring your theme out. Or if you are really daring, choose a plate that has a fun pattern or floral design on it to really make an impact.

The Class Act
Many guests have to to wait through that long and boring cocktail hour, waiting for the bridal party to get back for when the reception and dinner starts. To keep your guests entertained while they wait, why not hire a "side" show for them to enjoy. Depending on your theme, there are many options to choose from. For a more formal affair, a harpist, or string quartet would be lovely. If your wedding is a little more casual and you want to really wow your guests, consider hiring a comedian, magician, balloon twister, or a cultural dance group!

Other great idea's...
Put together a picture board of you and your fiance growing up and meeting.

Put a display table together of all the wedding photo's of family members who were married before you.
If your family pet's are a big part of your lives, see if there is a way you can incorporate them into your wedding.
Dove and butterfly releases!
If you have a wedding theme, have your guests come dresses accordingly. Such as a country wedding, 50's theme, or black tie.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decorations 101: The Woes of Tablecloth Sizes

What is the Right Size of Table Cloth
How do you choose the right size of tablecloths/ runners for your wedding? Chances are if you are not in the banqueting industry, you will not now the proper sizes of tablecloths to order. Many brides get irritated trying to figure out what sizes they will need, So hopefully the following can clear everything up for you!

Floor Length Table Cloths
Traditionally, banqueting table cloths were three quarter length and there was only white! Now you can rent or purchase tablecloths in a variety of color and lengths. Floor length table cloths can really add to the overall style of your wedding. It creates a extra touch of class, when you are not able to see the legs of the table.

Table Cloth Sizes
For a 6 foot round table (Seats 8 – 10 guests) you will need a 132” round table cloth if you want it to drop to the floor.Be sure you know the height and width (diameter) of the table. The standard height in the banqueting industry is 30”.
A 5’ round table (Seats 6-8) you would need a 120” table cloth.
A 4’ round table (Seats 4-5) you’d need 108” to have it reach floor length.

Table Runners
A table runner is a rectangular piece of fabric that runs down a rectangular table, usually 8 ft tables or 6 ft tables.It’s a way to accessorise your table and add colour to your wedding. They can also be used on round tables and circular shaped tables.It’s always nice to use the table runner as your accent color. For example, if your colors were chocolate brown and teal. And you decided to have chocolate brown tablecloths, your runners should not be brown, but rather in teal.

Rectangular tablecloths
88” x 144” Rectangular Table Cloth will fit a 6ft x 2.5 ft standard table. This tablecloth should be floor length all the way around.

Table Overlays – Like the table runners, an alternative to having a runner on a round table is to put on a square overlay. These overlays also come in many colors and sizes depending on whether you have a 5ft round table or 6 ft round table.
Sizes of Overlays
54” x 54”
70” x 70”
90” x 90”


Monday, January 17, 2011

Decorating 101: The Chair Cover

Tieing a chair cover sash:
Most sashes are between 6" and 8" wide and at least 9 feet long.Take the sash and fold it in half. Place the middle of the sash around the inside of the chair, and bring each half around to the back on each side. You are "wrapping" the chair with the sash.
Tie a knot in the back to secure the sash. Then you need to decide what type of bow you are going to tie. The easiest bow to tie is a basic bow.
Basic Bow: Make 2 loops and tie those together-- the same knot you use to tie your shoe. Afterwards pull the "loop" ends and blouse the material.
Square Bow: (right over left and left over right) tied loosely or tightly, which can be simple and elegant.
Flip Bow: Take both ends of the sash and bring them around the back to drape over your your simple knot.

For rental of great chair covers and other linens check out:


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Posh and Pink Fashion Forum

From time to time when I hear about other events, put on or sponsered by other companies, I like to let you know about it. Recently the Posh and Pink Fashion Forum was brought to my attention, and I want to get as many people involved as possible, because it is a fabulous idea. I have not been able to find a web page about this event. However there is some information on facebook. Here is some information copied and pasted from facebook. If you visit facebook, the rest of the information is there.

Posh and Pink Fashion Forum (Eye Inspire Events)
Graduation ceremonies have become quite a big event and the stress for the dress has become even bigger. There are many girls who are embarrassed because they can not afford "the dress" and have considered not attending their ceremonies. I am working with a local group to eliminate that feeling, and we need your help.
Posh & Pink is an event to provide grad dresses and other accessories to young girls who maybe can otherwise not afford "the dress" and all that goes with it.
I am asking your help in donating items such as previously loved grad dresses, bridesmaid or other formal dresses, shawls, shrugs, bags, accessories; or please forward this list to others; I would appreciate it.

You can drop off your dresses to Karey at Stella & Sway or call Christina St. Onge at 545-1515 ext 244. We would like to collect all items by March 1, 2011.
More information about 'Posh & Pink Fashion Forum will be made available in the upcoming weeks.!/event.php?eid=171321726222170&index=1


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What others are saying...

What are others saying about Imagine Wedding and Event Planning? Here's your chance to find out!

As my husband and I were engaged for a while, we thought it was time to plan our wedding. We wanted someone to sing live for us during the signing of the registry. I had known Angela for nearly three years at the time, and we knew she could sing well. My husband and I asked Angela if she would sing one of our favourite songs while we were signing the register for the minister, she was more than happy to do it for our special day. As the two of us decided on Wind Beneath My Wings, ...we still reminess about the fact that Angela’s amazing voice touched our hearts so much and that we both had a tear in our eye. Well, I possibly had a few! Our family and friends told us afterwards that Angela had done such a great job and added that special touch to our day.”
~Ashley Vipond.

“...when picking out my flowers for my wedding I couldn't have chose anyone more suited for the job. I decided that I wanted silk flower arrangements for my wedding and I had a vision in my head on what exactly I wanted it to look like. Angela came shopping with me to pick out exactly what I wanted we had to get enough material to put together 5 bouquets, 10 boutonnieres and 4 corsages Angela knew where everything was and was awesome at gathering all the materials to create my vision. We were in the store less then an hour and had everything we needed. Angela then put all the flower arrangements together and actually managed to create my bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages beyond what I had envisioned.”
~Chantal Messerschmidt

“Angela is wonderful to work with. She knows what she is doing and is able to help brides find the right flowers. She gave up time to come flower shopping to ensure I received flowers that complimented each other. She works hard and quickly. I had all of my flowers in a couple of months. She also wants to ensure that the customer is satisfied by showing us a finished product before completing more. I am very satisfied with my flowers and am excited to see how they look in wedding photos.”
~ Daniella Tiefenbach.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Wedding - Dec 27,2010

Welcome to Imagine Wedding and Event Plannings first post of 2011! To start of the year in a great way, we are going to showcase a fabulous Christmas wedding that Imagine was involved in.

As a second marriage this couple opted for a small evening ceremony at the Regina Floral Conservatory. The Regina Floral Conservatory rents out their space for small weddings, and group gatherings. You can also rent it out during the year for photo opportunities as well. At Christmas it is a beautiful setting filled with poinsettia's and sparking lights.

After the couple's family ceremony they headed for a great party in the lobby of the CBC building. Being CBC's first wedding reception at their location, they did a fabulous job of the food and atmosphere.

This couple Christmas theme was done up in colors of red and white, and included white linens and chair covers, and red runners, complete with red sashes, pine cones and Christmas balls. This couple was also brave enough to bear the cold weather for a few snapshots outside. All in all, it was a beautiful day. Congratulations to the both of you!