Friday, February 18, 2011

Posh and Pink Fashion Forum Updates

Earlier this month I did a post on the Posh and Pink Fashion Forum, beacuse I think this is a fabulous event that's happening right here in the Queen City. So I wanted to share the updates with you, for those who wish to attend! This info is taken from their facebook page by Eye Inspire Events of Regina, SK.

Graduation ceremonies have become quite a big event and the stress for the dress has become even bigger. There are many girls who are embarrassed because they can not afford "the dress" and have considered not attending their ceremonies. I am working with a local group to eliminate that feeling, and we need your help.

Over the past few weeks we have collected over 330 dresses for this event and will be selling them at this foru...m & fundraiser. All dresses are under $60.

Doors open at 1 - join us as Hair stylist and makeup artists personally show you some great tips and suggestions to looking your best.
- Shear Escape Salon & Spa
- Trena Laine Makeup Artisty

Program starts at 2:00

"Ask the Expert"
- Candyce Bakke of Shear Escape Salon & Spa will share some simple and easy tips to having your hair look great for that formal event
- Riley Lawson: Fashion Consultant, Stlist & Designer will tell us how we can choose clothing & dresses to look our best
- Trena Olfert of trena laine makeup artist & skin care expert will teach us simple skin care and makeup tricks to bring our best facial features forward!

Guest Speaker-
Jill Poulton of Destination by Design will be joining us to speak to all girls in attendance about "Developing the leader within you"

Fashion Show
We will host a fashion show featuring many of the dresses that will be for sale - you will be amazed at what has been donated!!

Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $10 at the door. You can pick your tickets up at Stella & Sway or Shear Escape Salong and Spa. or call Christina St. Onge at 545-1515 ext 244. to get yours!
We are still taking donations of dresses, and they can be dropped off at Stella & Sway (1845 Scarth Street), Z99 Radio (big blue bldg on SK drive) or call Christina at 545-1515 ext 244.

Hope to see you all there!
~ Imagine.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Photo-shoot GIVEAWAY!

Imagine Wedding Photography Giveaway!!!! Leave a review for Imagine on our review page on Facebook between now and March 15th, and be entered to win a FREE 1/2 hour couple's photo-shoot. Facebook promo only! You have to be a fan of our page on facebook to enter! TELL YOUR FRIENDS to "like" our page and leave a review, so they can enter as well. Winning couple will recieve a 1/2 hour photoshoot on-location, and a fully edited cd of photographs to print and use at thier discretion!

~ Imagine.

Valentine's Day: The Day of Proposal's!

So this Valentine's Day, and you want to pop the big question? Why wouldn't you? Valentine's Day has been reported as the most romantic holiday of the year. Preparing for proposing can be complicated. Here are some tips to help you design the perfect proposal!

If your bride is very traditional, be sure to ask the brides father for his permission to take his daughter's hand in marriage! And to save yourself the embarrassment, poke around the brides family and friends, to find out if there's any possibly of her saying no.

Make reservations at the restaurant where you had your first dinner together.
Fortune cookies!
Skywriting can be cool.
Use the media!
Sports event - have a banner unfold across from your seats, or have it come up across the scoreboard.
Scrapbook memories from your relationship (ticket stubs, pictures, cards etc etc.)

If you want to keep it simple and private, go on a quiet getaway. There's nothing more romantic then snuggling in front of a warm fire, or watching a movie under the blankets in the dark to pop the big question.

Proposing doesn't need to lavish and elaborate. All you need to do is make a memory that you and fiance can treasure together. And that can be as large and public, or as small and intimate as you want it to be. Happy proposing this Valentine's Day!

~ Imagine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Decorations 101: Going Green.....

When an average wedding cost's anywhere from $10,000 - $15,000, it's no wonder couple's are choosing to go green. Not only will they save money, but they will be saving the planet too! However, with green weddings, still fairly new in the bridal market, it's isn't always that easy to know where to start. You can go completely green, or you can add just a touch of green here and there. Here are some great idea's for your green wedding...

Paper Invitations
When designing your invitations, many companies now offer them to be printed on re-cycled paper! You can have everything done from save-the-dates, invites, thank-yous, programs and more, all on re-cycled paper. To further save paper, have your invitations designed postcard style so you won't even need an envelope.

Instead of purchasing flatware and stemware, be sure to rent. It's budget friendly, and you won't be wasting numerous plates/plastic cutlery. Another great option for your wedding is an organic meal. Having organic food will probably be more expensive, however if you are set on having a fully green wedding, then this is the way to go!

Wedding Favors
Instead of giving favours you could make a donation to a needy cause. Depending on you and your fiance's preference, you could make donations to the Caner Society, or if your pet lovers, the local humane society. If you still want to give out favors, why not handout packets of seeds for garden variety flowers or plants. And if you have a little bit of extra room in your budget, you could give each of your guests a small tree to play after the wedding. This is great for spring or summer themed weddings.

Rent Your Attire
Renting your wedding dress and suit will cut down the expenses a lot, and you will be "re-cycling" someone elses dress. If you don't like the idea of wearing something that's already been worn, look online for people selling wedding dresses and other attire. Unfortunately when some brides purchase dresses, they never make it to the alter. Then they have a perfectly new dress that's never been worn.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Decorations 101: Lighting Your Venue

There are tons of options when it comes to lighting your wedding reception! To turn your wedding site from ho-hum to stunningly beautiful, you'll need to do a little research on what types of lights you’ll need to create the effect your looking for. Here a few tips to really find what your looking for.

Hire A Professional
If you have hired a professional wedding/event planner like Imagine Wedding and Event Planning, they should be able to find the types of light your looking for. If not, they will have a lighting guru that they regularly with, or can point you in the right direction of who will have what your looking for. Sometimes the venue reception might have pictures of what other couples have done before. So be sure to always ask.

Think about your Venue
To get the dramatic look of lighting you want, make sure you visit your venue when it’s dark outside. You’ll want to make sure that people focus there attention on the tables, and each other. If the venue has lot’s of light focused on the walls and entrance, it will steal everyone’s focus. Ask the venue if there is anyone to dim those lights if possible, and try to avoid venues with lot’s of florescent lighting. Florescent lighting can and will ruin the look of most weddings. Make sure you also take note of lighted exit signs, or other doors, that could let in any unwanted lighting.

Types of Light
Gobos – This is a stencil that usually put over a light and shone on a wall or the floor of the reception hall. Most couple’s use a stencil with their names on it, or perhaps a design that revolves around the theme of their wedding. The more complicated of design, the more it will cost you to have the gobo lighting.

Wash- There are different types of lights that you can use to create a "wash." A wash tends to look like a sheet of the same color flooding over everything. LEDs are a popular choice because they use very little electricity. Some of the LEDs are also wireless, making them easier to place around your reception venue. These types of lights are optimal for color wash’s.

Spots - A focused light that shines on an object, for a dramatic effect. Usually this light would be used to illuminate certain aspects of the wedding, like a guestbook table, or perhaps the wedding cake. Spot lights can also be a certain color.

- Imagine.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decoration 101: The Swag!

What is Swag?

When you hear someone talk about Swag, you might be curious as to what that is. Swag is draping of material. Usually when it is used in a wedding, a accent color of material is draped across the front of your head table, as well as maybe your cake take or perhaps a backdrop. Lighted fabric swags are often used as wedding decorations or during the holidays. Not only used in weddings, this decoration can be placed anywhere to add some accent, such as on your curtains or mantle.
This d├ęcor is very easy to learn on your own, and if you’re a DIY bride then you must keep reading to learn how to perfect the swag effect for your special day!

First measure your head table to get the length of swag you will need, then add an extra 8 – 10 feet, depending on how deep you want the swag to be. Cut the fabric to the required length including fabric to hang along each edge.

Next if you would like lights with your fabric, you can either swag the lights first on the table, then swag your fabric over top. Or you can wrap your lights around the fabric, and swag them as a bundle.
Then insert hooks, clips or swag holders along the front of table. Make you start in the middle, and add them along the table wherever you want the loops to be. Be sure to put a clip in each corner, and make sure you measure to make them even. After that you can drape the lighted fabric through the hooks to create the swag. To really personalize the swag you can add other elements such as ivy or ribbons and bows.