Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Royal Blue and White Button Bouquets with Roses

I just finished doing a fabulous order for a bride who is having her wedding in June. Her wedding colors are Navy, Royal Blue, and White. She wanted something very unique but not too far off the map. So I designed button bouquets for her mixed in with Royal Blue and White roses! Here is how they turned out!

~ Imagine.

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wedding







Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everyone wants to be a wedding planner.....

In the past few years I've had hundreds of people ask me if they can work for me, volunteer, do anything they can so that they can open their own wedding planning business! And with the amount of shows on TV showing how wonderful and fun the career is, I am not surprised. Someone usually is a bridesmaid or helps their friend plan their wedding, and then all of the sudden they think they can make it big as the greatest wedding planner ever! It doesn't work this way. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but let's look at this realistically.

1. If for whatever reason you decide that being a wedding planner is for you, the number one thing is to GET CERTIFIED! There are tons of people who I have described above who make a business of being crafty. And don't get me wrong, some of them are great. But I find too often that there are people who have no training, are NOT professional, offering prices that are so cheap, they make the professionals seemed overpriced and not worth it. Well you get what you pay for! When you become certified you learn way more about the industry in general, and it's worth every penny!

2. The demand! Can you actually do it where you live? Some people think as soon as they become a planner people will just come flooding in! Not so! I am from a moderate sized city in the prairies, and I can tell you that with the amount of wedding planners here, not one of us would be able to do it full time. And this is in a city of 200,000 people. So be sure the area you live in has a market for it! If there are 10 other seasoned wedding planners in your area - chances are you might have a rough go of it. The one thing that you'll need to make yourself stand out from the rest is a niche. So get one, before you spend hundreds of dollars marketing yourself.

3. Quit cutting down your competition! When you cut down or gossip about your competition to others you make us ALL look bad. Being a wedding planner is hard enough on it's own. Chances are as a new wedding planner you'll need the help of a seasoned professional at one point or another. So I highly recommend making friends with those in the industry. Who knows - maybe they might throw some business your way, if they've got too much to handle on their own!

~ Imagine.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Crashers! Do they exist?

Wedding Crashers! Do they exist? The sad answer is..yes! The possibility of wedding crashers to "crash" your wedding is always a thought when you spend hours planning the perfect wedding. In order to take care of your uninvited and unruly guests you may need some help to control them.

Wedding crashers can be anyone! It could be someone you didn't invite who is offended, or a few unknown individuals. The big question is why do people even crash weddings? The answer is probably easier than you expected. People do it for different reasons! Many people do it just for fun! Free food and free drinks, pickup un-suspecting bridesmaids, or someone who is offended might have other motives.

How to deal?
Taking care of most crashers is simple. Tell your bouncer or the venue coordinator. They should be able to kick them up without disrupting the rest of the event. If you are dealing with individuals that are there because you didn't invite them etc you will need a more gentler approach. It is always best to be sure to prepare ahead of time for unexpected guests. Be sure you have enough drinks, space, and serving staff to tend to these guests. It's better to plan ahead of time, then deal with it on the fly!

Wedding planners can also help in avoiding crashers. When a wedding planner plans a event, they plan for unexpected casualties. Your planner twill eliminate the problem before it exists. Of course, even with the most detailed day, it can still happen. However by having the planner, they could potentially take care of the problem, before you even notice it.

Happy Planning!

~ Imagine.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NEW Half-Back Chair Covers for rent

Imagine Wedding and Event Planning is the only supplier in town to stock and rent half-back chair covers! The great thing about these chair covers, is that they can be custom ordered to fit any chair! You can get them in black and white, and other numerous colors as well. Right now we have pre-ordered 200 white half backs! They are available for rent for late spring and onward.

These half-backs can be used just on a regular chair without a sash for a steal at $1.50 each! That's alot cheaper then the going rate of $3.50 per full chair cover with a sash! And if you want a completely different look you can rent a black full chair cover and put the half-back white chair cover over top of the full chair cover. Then you wouldn't need a sash at all! And it would only cost 50 cents more per chair! A super unique look for the unique bride! Call or email us at 533-9122 or imagine-weddings@accesscomm.ca today to put your order in for the summer of 2012! It's not too late!

~ Imagine.