Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 14 2012 Wedding

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Wedding Day Schedules

Recently I had a friend tell me about a wedding he had been to, and he found it incredibly annoying and frustrating that no one knew what was going on, and when it was supposed to happen! The best part about this is that it’s coming from a man, because most men would not even notice such a thing. This brings me to conclude that it must have been pretty bad, if the average male guest is taking notice of the chaos. Which brings me to this blogpost about the dreaded wedding day schedule!

The wedding schedule is one of the most important things to get you through the day! As a wedding planner I find it’s most helpful if a detailed schedule is made with the entire day’s events listed on it. On my average schedule I have everything listed from when the bride should wake up, right up until the venue closes its doors that same night.

A good wedding schedule should also include what the bridal party should be doing and when, as well as any other important key people at your wedding. Even in the most basic wedding schedule you should at least have when your vendors are arriving and leaving, and what their duties are while they are at your event. After you have completed your schedule, make sure that everyone important gets a copy! This would include everyone from your MC, bridal party, and all hired vendors.

Some people find creating a wedding schedule very difficult, as it is hard to remember what everyone should be doing at any given time. However, this stress can be eliminated when hiring a wedding planner for day-of coordination. Not only will a wedding planner construct your day-of timeline, but they will also make sure all your vendors have a copy, and be there to execute the timeline as well.

If you do decide to do it alone, here are few helpful tips. The first helpful hint is that time flies! Always schedule yourself enough, or EXTRA time throughout your day! Getting your hair and makeup done will almost ALWAYS take longer than you think it will, and don’t forget to include time to travel to all the different places you need to go. Always schedule a ½ hour travelling time in between stops. You never know when there will be an accident, a train, or construction!

Always give your photographer enough time. Most photographers like no less than 2 hours between your ceremony and reception to get your formal shots. Your paying good money for your photographer, and when everything is said and done, those photo’s might be the only thing you have left of your special day. So let the photographer do his job, and don’t rush him.

Lastly, EAT! Schedule time to eat food! And I’m not referring to your reception. So many brides start with an early morning of getting their hair and makeup done, and time flies on. But no one stops for food. By the time the ceremony is finished and you’re out getting photos under the hot sun, you start to feel queasy! Always make time for breakfast and lunch! It’s a long day, and your body will thank you.

~ Imagine.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wascana Park Wedding Part 2!

If you saw my earlier post you can read about this great wedding that we did on Father's Day in Wascana Park. We also are excited to share with you a few of the photo's that the professional photographer took. Take a peek below! If your looking for a great photographer, please chek out Wayne Iverson Photography at www.facebook.com/wayneiversonphoto ~ Imagine.